Faiz’s “Hum Dekhenge” anti-Hindu? IIT Kanpur panel to decide

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Is the poem “Hum Dekhenge” anti-Hindu? A committee set up by IIT Kanpur will tell us if the poem written be revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz is anti-Hindu.

The development comes close to the heels of the recent anti-CAA/NRC protests in the premiere engineering institute.

IIT Kanpur has set up the panel in response to complaints filed by a faculty member who claimed that the students, during a protest, sang this poem. He termed the poem anti-Hindu.

And the reason why the poem appears anti-Hindu to the ‘hurt’ faculty member is the following verse.

The poem reads thus — “Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge. Jab arz-e-Khuda ke kaabe se. Sab bhut uthwaye jayenge, Hum ahl-e-safa mardood-e-harm. Masnad pe bithaye jayenge. Sab taaj uchale jaenge. Sab takht giraye jayenge. Bas naam rahega Allah ka. Hum dekhenge.”

The complaint is based on two lines of the poem. The complainant interprets the lines as “When all idols will be removed, only Allah’s name will remain (Sab but uthwaye jaenge… Bas naam rahega Allah ka).

Notably, the poem was written by Faiz in reference to Pakistani military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq in 1979. Faiz had left leanings and was an atheist. His revolutionary writings ensured that the junta jailed him for several years.

IIT-Kanpur students had taken out a march on the campus on December 17 in support of the students of Jamia Millia Islamia. The students sang the Faiz poem during the march.

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