Sick girl faints due to loud music of Kanwariyas, clashes follow


The Hush Post: A scuffle began between a group of Kanwariyas and of Uttar Pradesh after the Kanwariyas refused to reduce the volume of the loud music, said police officials.

Deputy Inspector General of Faizabad range, Onkar Singh said on Thursday that the situation was under control.

While on their way through the Tanda town, the  Kanwariyas started playing loud music for too long. This caused a sick girl to faint. Subsequently, a major clash erupted between the Kanwariyas and the locals of the area.

The locals warned the Kanwariyas to reduce the volume of the music. However, the Kanwariyas allegedly started playing objectionable songs and raised slogans. This ended up in a clash. People also started throwing stones and the clash continued for nearly half-an-hour, stated the DIG. After the police got the information about violence, they arrived at the spot to separate the two groups. A case has, meanwhile, been lodged against about 60 unknown men under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, the officer said. Heavy security personnel have been deployed in the area, he added.

In an incident that occurred on August 7, 10 Kanwariyas were arrested in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar for vandalising a car that allegedly hit a Kanwariya. The grey car driven by a woman who was with her male friend was completely destroyed. Based on an evidence from CCTV camera, the Kanwariyas were seen breaking the car’s windshields, windows and headlights.

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