At Mass Marriage function, lesbian couple gets married with one girl posing as a man

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One of the lesbian partners posed as a man and the same-sex couple got married at a Mass Wedding ceremony

The Hush Post: To marry each other and avoid opposition by their respective families and the society, two lesbian girls found a unique way. They got married in full public view and with the blessings of society’s respectable people. All they did was that one of the lesbian partners posed as a man and the same-sex couple got married at a Mass Wedding function.

The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh. Two lesbian girls, in their 20s, cheated not only their families but also the society to marry each other.

The two girls were reportedly in same-sex relationship for about last two years. The families of these girls were totally ignorant about their relationship and their plans to get married, Hindustan Times reported.

The report said that on April 16 the lesbian girls reached the venue of a mass wedding function. The girls were reportedly carrying forged identity cards and two elderly couples who posed as their parents. One of the lesbian partners, who posed as a male to become the groom, was reportedly carrying an Aadhaar card in the name of one ‘Kartik Shukla’. Notably, mass marriage functions are common in Uttar Pradesh.

The lesbian couple managed to get married successfully. On April 21, the parents of girl who became the “bride” came to know that the groom was actually a girl. The neighbours noticed the “groom” was actually a girl after they saw the pictures of their wedding at the mass marriage function as the pictures got circulated on social media, the report said.

After coming to know about the shocking reality, the family of bride confronted the couple and physically assaulted “groom”. At this bride jumped of the roof to save her partner named Rupa.

Soon the police reached there to settle the matter between the bride’s family and her. Her parents blamed the other girl of cheating. The police let off both the girls saying that they were adults and cannot be forced to live separately, the report said.

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