First human milk bank in Lucknow brings relief to many mothers

breast milk bank

The Hush Post|02:20 pm|1-min-read

The opening of a human milk bank at the King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow, has brought relief to mothers unable to breastfeed their newborns due to medical reasons. This is the first such milk bank in Uttar Pradesh.

A human milk bank or breast milk bank aims to provide a solution to the mothers who are unable to lactate. It also aims at reducing infant mortality rate in the state by providing medically processed breast milk.

The nodal officer of the breast milk bank, Dr Sheetal Verma said, “We are at present collecting milk from lactating mothers whose new-borns are admitted to the neonatal ICU at the hospital. We are providing mother’s milk to those infants who cannot be brought to their mothers for breastfeeding due some medical reasons”.

She said, “The bank has started to standardise the quality of processing (disinfection, nutrition maintenance) with cow milk. Quality check trial with cow milk has been successful”.

Further, she added, “In the second phase, we will collect mothers’ milk and save it in the milk bank. Later it will be administered to new-borns irrespective of the woman who has donated it. This will be an ideal situation where we can save lives of new-borns”.

Many lactating mothers over-produce milk but deliver stillborn babies, such mothers can be donors. Milk collected from them would be given to new-borns who do not have access to breastfeeding after birth.

Mother’s milk contains antibodies and lymphocytes that help the baby resist infections.

Maharastra and Rajasthan already have such milk banks.



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