IIT boy develops drone that delivers tea at your doorstep, to deliver medicines in future; WATCH VIDEO

Started in the college garage and now is a recognised start-up

The Hush Post: Technology, innovation and education are a lethal combination when used for human good. All fixed up together makes what is impossible, possible for normal human beings like us. What is more encouraging is if such innovation is happening in India itself, that too in smaller towns. A Lucknow-based startup TechEagle has come up with drones that will supply tea to different parts of the city.

In partnership with Online Kaka, a food delivery start-up, TechEagle invented a drone which will deliver tea up to 10 kms and has a capacity of holding 2 litres. The orders will be taken through the online app and the tea will then be delivered to your doorstep.

The man: Vikram Singh, CEO, TechEagle

These drones are battery powered and completely autonomous to complete the mission. Once the box is loaded into the drone, it will take off from the ground with a single click and follow the shortest path to deliver the package at the desired location. These drones will be installed with a GPS tracking device and the address for the delivery will be fed in it.

“Autonomous control is supported by onboard GPS. Live data is transmitted to ground control station, where operator can see the current flight status and can handle it if anything goes wrong. Once the drone reaches desired location from a safe height it will drop the package and will return to the launch base,” Vikram Singh, CEO and Founder, TechEagle, told FinancialExpress.com.

When asked why they chose tea above other things, Vikram said that it is the most common and popular drink in India and also the volume that has to be delivered is very less. “It is a quadcopter. We are also developing hexacopters for different capacities. The current capacity of this drone is 2 litres and the range is 10 kilometres. However, it can be increased up to 50 kilometres,” Vikram said, talking about the mean machine.

TechEagle’s journey began in a garage at the IIT Kanpur hostel. “We had started working on various types of drones since 2015 in the garage of IIT-K Hostel. TechEagle Innovations Pvt Ltd started in January 2017,” said the young innovator,  who founded TechEagle in 2015 along with four other friends. There are at present eight people working at TechEagle who look after all the departments.

Now it is recognised as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions(DIPP). It specialises in developing drones/UAVs of 1-5 meter (wingspan), 1-10kg (Payload), 1-5 Hours (Flight Time), and Modular for companies, research institutes and individuals.

The machine

The startup got fame and recognition as it made its way by winning the Startup India Yatra-UP edition and got the grants from UP govt and incubation from IB Hubs. It was recently selected in Grand Agriculture challenge by Invest India to provide solutions for precision agriculture in India.

Startups do face a funding challenge in setting up the manufacturing facility and skilled manpower is also a problem, Vikram said.

On work front, TechEagle has partnered with an Uttrakhand-based company, RI Innovations, to develop disaster management drones for forest fire control, medicine delivery, etc. “As soon as the Directorate General of Civil Aviation comes up with the guidelines, we will take permission and start delivering drones to companies for other logistics like medicine delivery as well,” said Vikram Singh.

To train more people in the field, the startup has also started a drone training-cum-internship. “We have brought top companies together and planned one industrial drone training-cum- internship in which candidates will get professional skills of drone designing, manufacturing, flying, operating and making autonomous drones. Top companies will directly hire candidates from this programme for various profiles like drone pilot, operator, drone designer, manufacturer, etc,” Vikram added.


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