Iron rod pierces speeding biker’s neck and comes out of his mouth

The Hush Post|01:37pm| 1-min-read
When a 24-year-old youth, Mohammad Konan, met with a road accident at Gomti Nagar in Lucknow on Thursday night, an 18-cm-long iron railing pierced through his neck and came out of his mouth. The iron rod weighed around 2.5 kg.
The police brought the injured man to the KGMU Trauma Centre, Lucknow. Doctors of the trauma surgery department successfully removed the rod in a two-hour long operation.
“Though the iron rod has been removed successfully, the patient is serious and under observation,” Dr Samir Misra, who led the surgical team, told reporters.
The other members of the team included Dr Yadvendra Singh, Dr U Singh and Dr Devanshu (junior resident).

The man was speeding on his motorcycle when the accident took place and he fell upon the iron fencing.
This resulted in the iron rod piercing his neck and coming out of the mouth. The police had to cut the iron rod to free him from the fencing. When he was brought to the trauma centre, one end of the iron was jutting out.
“We have removed the iron rod and now the patient is under observation for the next 24 hours, after which further decision will be taken,” said Misra.
The doctors said that timely action had made the surgery successful.

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