Man poses as woman on Facebook, makes objectionable calls to officers’ wives

The Hush Post | 1:00 pm | One-minute read

A man, posing as a woman on Facebook, befriended wives of Uttar Pradesh’s government officers and then made objectionable calls to them, the police said on Tuesday.

The unidentified man, reportedly used the account as Sakshi Patel on Facebook. An FIR has been registered against him.

The police said that two cases have been reported from the Vibhuti Khand area of Lucknow within a week.

According to the complaint filed by the wife of an officer, she accepted the friend request of an account with the name of Sakshi Patel on August 19.

After that, the next day she received a message “Hi” and she replied with a “good morning” message. The same night, the woman received a Facebook Messenger call from her new friend. But she found that Sakshi Patel was a man. The complainant said that the man was in an inappropriate state and she quickly disconnected the call.

The man blackmailed the woman saying that he had taken the screenshot of the call, and would morph her pictures and share them online if she did not talk to him. The complaint reportedly said that he made video calls in which he was seen naked.

The second complaint was also made by an officer’s wife and similar things happened with her also.

Police officer Rajeev Dwivedi said, “In both the cases, the accused was the same man whose social media name was Sakshi Patel. The FIR has been registered against the person for threatening and publishing material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form. The Cyber Cell of Lucknow police will now handle the matter.”

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