When ‘Narendra Modi’ walked into UP Congress office alone & then this is what they found

Disenchanted with BJP, he wants to join Congress 

The Hush Post: Congress workers at the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee were in for a bit of a surprise on Wednesday when they saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi rambling towards UPCC Headquarters in Lucknow.

Soon, as he got closer it dawned on them he wouldn’t be moving around alone. It is then they realised, he is Modi’s lookalike Abhinandan Pathak. UPCC president Raj Babbar was also present in the office when he came.

Of course , there was areason why he had waled nito the Congress office. “ “Modi government has failed to keep its words, so I have decided to campaign against the BJP,” he said.

“I wrote about 50 letters to the Prime minister. People curse me and beat me, they are so irritated,” he said complainingly.

Disappointed with the BJP, Pathak, a native of Saharnpur, now wants to campaign for the congress and has sought an appointment with Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Pathak had been a centre of attraction when he was made to address a few rallies by the BJP in the delhi elections in 2015 and UP elections in 2017.

He has also contested Lok Sabha elections in1999 and UP Vidhan Sabha elections in 2012.

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