People going to jail to drive away bad effects of horoscope!

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The Hush Post: While jail is a place normally no one would like to land up in, here are superstitious people in Uttar Pradesh who make requests to the administration for a day or two in jail. This despite the fact, that they have committed no crime. A businessman from Lucknow said his priest told him that he had a jail yog, according to a news report in The Times of India. He got worried and the only way to rectify the yog was to land up in jail himself. He moved an application to the District Collector of Lucknow who granted him the permission to spend 24 hours in jail.

Luckow DM said he receives about 24 such requests ever year. Though there is no legal provision for letting a person stay in jail without any offence, such requests for religious purposes are given permission. Such permission is given only after thorough verification. A belief that bad effects of some planetary movement will be neutralised with jail time is the reason behind more and more people queuing up at police stations with such requests.

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