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wearing helmet in office

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Here are men and women in office wearing headgears. The pictures of employees of the electricity department in Banda, Uttar Pradesh sitting in their office building wearing helmets are going viral.

This is no after-effect of the amendment in the road traffic challan laws. The helmets are for the safety purposes only, but they are doing so, because they do not feel safe in their office building.

According to a report, ANI shared a tweet with the pictures of the dilapidated office building and the employees wearing helmets with the caption, “Banda: Employees of electricity dept wear helmets to protect themselves from any untoward incident while working in the dilapidated office building. One of the employees says, ‘It’s the same condition since I joined 2 yrs ago. We’ve written to authorities but there is no response.”

The pictures clearly depict the bad condition of the building. The roof has holes in it. There is a pillar in the middle of the room holding everything together. There are no drawers for the employees. All the papers are in cardboard boxes or just lying in the open.

As one of the employees even mentioned that after continuous complaints filed by them, no step has been taken by the authorities to make the situation better.

It seems like wearing helmets and sitting in the building for their safety was the last resort that these government employees had.

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