Senior journalist accused of sexual harassment by 2 women colleagues

Sexual harassment journalist

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A senior journalist has been accused of sexual harassment by his two women colleagues. The head of news channel TV9 Bharatvarsh’s output division in Noida – Ajay Azad – has been accused by two women of sexual harassment. The two filed a complaint within two days of each other this month.

The women have accused Ajay of harassing, soliciting and intimidating them.

TV9, meanwhile, has reacted saying that the complaints were immediately committed to the Internal Committee (IC) as per guidelines. Ajay has been sent on leave for the duration of the inquiry.

In both of their cases, Ajay allegedly started by texting them about work. Gradually, he went on to ask them about more personal things. Eventually, he started telling them to not address him as “sir.” He told them to consider him “their own” and talk to him about everything. He also allegedly tried to get the women to meet him outside, even suggesting to one that they take a hotel room.

Over the course of some weeks, the messages got more explicit. He allegedly tried coercing the women to say that they love him. He also asked them to address him with endearing terms like “jaan.” Both women say in the complaint that they were clear about their lack of interest in him from the beginning.

Both of them have expressed agony and disgust in their complaints. They have said that a man who was so respected went on to allegedly send indecent messages.

One of the women has written in her complaint that there were occasions that Ajay also touched her inappropriately.

In another incident she describes, from late last year, when Ajay allegedly waited till late at night in the office. “That night, he called me to [his office] on some pretext and tried to touch me very inappropriately,’” her complaint says.

Both have alleged that Ajay also tried to intimidate and lure them with work-related privileges.

Ajay apparently told both of them that they were special, implied they were more talented than others, and could take up more responsibilities at work and “move forward.”

“He would message late at night, and in the morning also. I would reply because I was scared as a junior,” one of the women wrote in her complaint.

There were also explicit messages. According to the complaint, one message in Hindi said, “I can’t sleep. How well god has made you. Your body is perfect.” 

Later, when the women kept resisting his advances, Ajay allegedly sent them threats about changing their departments or shifts as well.

While both women considered resigning from their jobs. The harassment ended up affecting one woman’s mental health to the point where she got depressed. She wrote in her complaint that she also experienced suicidal thoughts.

What TV9’s has to say

“TV9 Group not only has zero tolerance for sexual harassment at workplace but also initiates action immediately as per law laid down. The complaints were immediately committed to the IC as per guidelines. Immediately after the IC served notice on the respondent for an inquiry, the management sent him on leave for the duration of the inquiry,” a TV9 spokesperson said.


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