Love, Sex & Dhokha: Woman has sex to kill ex-lover with help of present lover

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The Hush Post: It seems straight out of the Bollywood flick — Love, Sex & Dhokha: Where woman kills ex-lover with the help of present lover based on love, sex and betrayal. The Noida Police have arrested a woman and her present lover for the murder of woman’s ex-lover.

The arrested lovebirds include a 22-year-old woman Saira and a man Rahim, who is also in his 20s. They are accused of brutally killing an auto driver Israfil, an ex-lover of Saira and once-friend of Rahim.

This story of love, hate and revenge started four years ago. For two friends Rahim and Israfil fell it was love at first sight for the same girl, Saira. They had met her during a journey in the Delhi-Katihar train. Instead of going to their home town Katihar, the duo rather escorted the girl to her home town Muzaffarpur, a report said.

After that journey, both Rahim and Israfil started wooing Saira. But, the girl became inclined towards Israfil. Both Saira and Israfil started dating as Saira worked in Dwarka while Israfil worked in Noida.

After two years, Israfil married another woman. And Saira went to Rahim as his girlfriend. But, Saira also kept meeting Israfi secretly during her courtship with Rahim. When Saira started trying to distance herself from Israfil, this love-triangle turned murky, the report said.

Israfi then allegedly started blackmailing Saira to keep continue their sexual relationship. He allegedly threatened Saira to reveal their encounter to Rahim. And it enraged Saira. On August 31, Saira called up Rahim, who was in Bihar. Rahim came from Katihar to Anand Vihar and met Saira at Green Park Metro station on September 2. Then they hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Israfil.

Rahim told Saira to buy a knife with a serrated blade. Saira called up Israfil, an auto driver, and asked him to meet her at Noida City Centre Metro station. Blind in lust, Israfi came there.

Saira met Israfil at around 8pm. She boarded Israfil’s auto and they headed towards Noida Expressway. Rahim chased them in a hired auto. Israfil stopped the auto at a secluded stretch service lane near the Advant Business Park on being told by Saira. The woman blindfolded him with her dupatta. Then Saira slit Israfil’s throat with the knife hidden in her clothes.

In the meantime, Rahim came there and allegedly stabbed Israfil repeatedly. Then he smashed Israfil’s head with a brick. After that, Saira and Rahim fled the spot in Israfil’s auto.

While Saira returned to Dwarka, Rahim took a flight to Patna. The police found Israfil’s body the next day after his wife approached the police. The blindfold led the cops to find a woman’s involvement in the crime. Israfil’s wallet and the knife used in the murder were found from the spot. On searching mobile location history, the police were able to crack the case.

The cops zeroed on Rahim through surveillance. A Noida Police party reached Katihar on September 6 and after a two-day recce, arrested Rahim. He was brought to Noida. Another police team arrested Saira from Dwarka where she worked as a domestic help.

According to Noida SSP Ajay Pal Sharma Israfil’s wife had filed a complaint on September 3. Israfil’s wife later named Saira as a suspect. The police said they waited to gather all information and tie up loose ends before making the arrests.

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