Sand mafia tries to mow down Sub Divisional Magistrate SDM


The Hush Post: A sub-divisional magistrate of Gunnaur in Sambhal had a narrow escape early Sunday as the sand mining mafia tried to crush him under a tractor trolley.

SDM Dipendra Yadav was on the spot trying to stop illegal mining near a tributary of Ganga. It was then that a tractor trolley was rushed towards him. Yadav tricked the approaching vehicles by jumping on to the side of the road and immediately informed the police about the incident.

“The sand mafia comes into activity after midnight at two spots – Dudabagh and Harfari – on a three kilometre stretch of Mahava, a tributary of Ganga. Since both locations are in the forest and the mafia men constantly change routes, it is difficult to keep a tab on them. Moreover, people involved in it have developed a counter intelligence system in our department. They manage to flee every time before we apprehend them. Hence, we waited for them on the main road to catch them,” Yadav said.

“Taking action against sand mafia without involving the police poses danger to our lives. Today, we took position by placing two cars – one at a petrol pump and another at the opposite direction – on NH-93 near Harfari around 3 am. After an hour, three tractor trolleys emerged on the highway from unpaved roads nearby. When we tried to stop them, they accelerated towards us to hit us. However, we managed to barricade the road and stopped them. Four of the men escaped, while we nabbed two and informed the police.”
In April, SDM Yadav had yet another escape when the driver of an illegal sand-laden truck allegedly tried to mow him down.

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