“Sunny Leone” is a voter as Durgawati Singh in UP’s Ballia district

Sunny Leone
Porn star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

Among other anomalies in the revised voters’ list include photos of a deer, an elephant, and a pigeon

The Hush Post: Not even an Indian citizen, porn star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s photo has made an entry in the voters’ list for Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia constituency. However, the half-clad photo of Sunny Leone has been carried under the name of a voter ‘Durgawati Singh’ and her age has been mentioned 51.

This anomaly and other anomalies are glaringly visible in the revised voters’ list being updated in UP ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Other anomalies include the photos of a deer, an elephant and a pigeon that have made their entry into the revised voters’ list. Another glaring anomaly is the name of a voter Narad Rai (56) accompanied by a photo of an African elephant, a report said.

These anomalies in the revised voters’ list, which was prepared on the Election Commission’s directives and uploaded on the official website on July 15, were exposed after two pages of the same were leaked to the media, the report said.

“While the list carries the picture of a scantily clad woman resembling Leone in place of voter Durgawati Singh of Vivekanand Colony, it carries photograph of an elephant against the name of former cabinet minister Narad Rai and picture of a deer in place of Kunwar Ankur Singh,” a senior district official was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

After the anomalies came to light, the administration launched a probe into the matter and officials were grilled.

Ironically, apart from the photograph, rest of the other details of the voters in the list are accurate, the TOI report said.

The Deputy District Election Officer said that the mistakes were corrected on August 13 before the final list was published and an FIR was lodged with Ballia Kotwali police against the operator after the latter’s involvement was found during the preliminary investigation, the report said.

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