Pet dog saves 30 people from deadly fire, dies at the end

Dog saves 30 people from fire

The Hush Post| 8:16 am |two-minute-read|

A pet dog in Banda town of Uttar Pradesh saved lives of at least 30 people but itself died in a devastating fire. The mishap took place on Friday.

The fire started at the basement and first floor of an electronics and furniture showroom situated in a residential area in Banda. Some of the families lived at the third and fourth floors of the building.

The pet dog, who used to stay with a family in the same building, alerted everyone by loudly barking in the direction from where the fire came. His barking woke up all the people in the building. All of them were able to make their escape in time.

The dog saved everyone and remained faithful till the end but he could not be saved himself. He lost his life after the fire set off a cylinder blast near which he was leashed.

An eyewitness confirmed, “The dog kept barking at the fire which alerted everyone and allowed them to escape safely. The dog later died when a cylinder blasted.”

Fire official Vinay Kumar said that the fire broke out due to a short circuit in the basement of the building.

The fire set off multiple cylinder blasts causing four nearby buildings to collapse. An operation to clean the debris is underway.

The fire department is likely to register an FIR against the owner of the building for allegedly running an illegal furniture factory without following proper norms.

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