UP police stops man from selling son for pregnant wife’s treatment, donate money & blood for treatment

Kannauj father wants to sell son.

The Hush Post: Uttar Pradesh Police on Wednesday not only stopped a man from selling his one-year-old son to arrange money for the treatment of his pregnant wife, they donated money and blood for the woman.

Arvind Kumar from Saurikh, Kannauj, admitted his pregnant wife to the district hospital on Tuesday night after she fainted. At the hospital, he was told by some touts that his wife, Sukhdevi, was anaemic and her pregnancy was complicated. He was asked to arrange for Rs 25,000 for her treatment and five units of blood needed for transfusion.

Kumar, who has a three-year-old daughter and a son, told police that he decided to sell his son after he didn’t get help from his relatives.

A childless couple reportedly approached him and agreed to pay him Rs 25,000 for the child but he demanded Rs 40,000. The deal was ultimately finalised for Rs 30,000.

However, it fell through after the couple had a change of heart at the last moment. The woman insisted she wasn’t interested in getting a child in this manner and reportedly asked her husband to inform the police.

The cops reached the spot where Kumar was waiting with the child outside the district hospital on Wednesday night. Upon interrogation, Kumar confessed about his intentions.

The police, instead of taking action, decided to help the man by pooling in money and donating blood for his wife.

Sub-Inspector Brijendra Singh, who led the police team, said, “Kumar was shaken because of his wife’s condition and told me that he wanted to sell his child for money. I assured him of all possible help.”

The SI also ensured that Kumar’s wife was admitted to the medical college.

“She is under treatment at the Kannauj Medical College now. Some touts and other staff members at the district hospital had persuaded him to sell off the baby,” said Amod Kumar Singh, SHO, Tirva police station.

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