In panchayat’s decision, husband takes 71 sheep in lieu of wife going with her lover

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Lover’s father reaches court, wants his sheep back 

In a bizarre case, a married couple at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh separated when the husband agreed to give his wife to her lover in exchange of 71 sheep.

According to a news report, the exchange happened under the watchful eyes of the village panchayat.

Both the woman and her lover started living together in Charpani. After a few days, the woman, her husband and her lover reportedly reached the village panchayat for a solution. The panchayat asked the lover Umesh Pal to give up half of his flock of sheep to Seema Pal’s husband Rajesh Pal in order to be with her. Umesh agreed to panchayat’s decision, gave 71 sheep to Rajesh and went with Seema.

Three of them were reportedly very happy with the decision but Umesh’s father was angry with this exchange as he had to give up his precious flock of sheep for his son’s love life.

Umesh’s father reportedly approached the police to get back his sheep and filed a complaint against the husband. The police have lodged an FIR.

Rajesh (the husband) said that he didn’t steal any sheep and Umesh (the lover) had willingly parted with the cattle. But Umesh’s father seemed to be hellbent on getting his sheep back.

The woman, however,  had reportedly said that she was unhappy with her first marriage and was unable to conceive a child even after several years of marriage. She refused to go back to her husband Rajesh.

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