Is Priyanka Gandhi taking on PM Modi from Varanasi?

Priyanka Gandhi against PM Modi

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Four days after sending out a teaser that why can’t she take on PM Narendra Modi from Varanasi, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said she was ready to fight the elections from anywhere her party desires.
Priyanka has discussed the possibility of taking on Modi from Varanasi. On whether there is a definitive movement in that direction is not clear but Congress seems a divided lot on it, though Priyanka Gandhi seems keen to take on the PM.

Gandhi had on Thursday triggered speculations across political and media circles with her seemingly casual remark that she was open to contesting from Varanasi, from where Modi is the sitting MP and will be contesting again this year.
Responding to party workers who asked her on whether she will fight from Varanasi, Priyanka in seeming jest had said, “Why not Varanasi?”

Soon the word was being weighed seriously by the party workers.

The Congress general secretary, who had joined politics only in January this year, did nothing to temper the speculations and only heightened it with her remarks in Faizabad on Friday as she pitted herself directly against Modi.

From slamming him for his numerous foreign tours to not depositing Rs 15 lakh in accounts of the citizens as promised, or”eating Biryani in Pakistan,” she was unsparing in her attack on the PM.

Amid the ‘will she, won’t she’ debate on Gandhi’s poll debut, the Congress leader had on Wednesday said she would contest elections if her party asks her.

“If my party asks me to contest the polls, I will definitely do so. But my personal wish is to work for the party’s organisation as a lot of work needs to be done,” the Congress leader had told reporters.

“I have told party workers that it is very important you campaign properly in these elections. You should go to each and every house, and tell people that this election is to save the nation. Not Rahul Gandhi, but the nation should win this election.”

She, however, said that no decision has been made yet, with the election just a fortnight away.

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