This train started from Vishakhapatnam on Nov 10 2014, reached Basti in July 2018


The Hush Post: A train took more than four years to reach Basti from Vishakhapatnam. And with it came the consignment of fertilizer which started from Vishakhapatnam four years back. In the normal course, this distance of 1,326 km is covered in four days.

A goods train wagon carrying 1,316 bags of Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer was booked on November 10, 2014.

It reached Basti railway station in Uttar Pradesh from Vishakhapatnam on Wednesday around 3.30 pm. Even the rail officials and staff were taken by surprise.

The Chief Public Relation Officer of North Eastern Railway zone, Sanjay Yadav, said, “Sometimes, when some wagon or bogie becomes sick (unfit to ferry), it is sent to the yard and it seems that the same happened in this case too.”

The consignee is Ramchandra Gupta, a businessman of Basti, and the wagon was booked in his name in 2014 from Vishakhapatnam through Indian Potash Limited (IPL).

Gupta reportedly said, “It was company material and I had not paid for it. The matter is between the company and the Indian Railways.”

Indian Potash Limited Assistant Marketing Manager in Gorakhpur, DK Saxena confirmed the booking in November 2014 from Vishkhapatnam for Basti area distributers and somehow the wagon was missed from the rake.

Saxena said Gupta is the handling and buffer agent of the company and the cost of the material is Rs. 14 lakh. The company has already lodged a claim on Railways and we will receive the consignment after assessment of the material, he said.

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