WATCH VIDEO: Woman dies after explosion occurs inside her mouth, doctors shocked

The Hush Post | 7:11 pm | One-minute read |

In a bizarre incident, a woman lost her life after an explosion took place in her mouth. The incident has been reported from Aligarh’s JN Medical College and Hospital. The explosion took place when the doctors were treating the woman. The doctors too were shocked to see the blast but could do little to save the woman.

The whole incident has been caught on CCTV camera.

According to information available, the woman had consumed sulphuric acid taking it for poison. As the doctors inserted a suction pipe into her stomach to empty the contents, the acid came into contact with oxygen, leading to a blast. Flames also erupted from the woman’s mouth.

40-year-old Sheela Devi of Jalali area under Harduaganj police station had gone to visit her sister-in-law on Wednesday morning.  While she was about to reach the place, she fell unconscious on the ground. She was rushed to the Jawahar Medical College of Aligarh.

The doctors suspected that the woman had consumed a poisonous substance and started treating her. However, they were stunned after what happened to the woman and they had to stop the treatment in the midway.

Now doctors are demanding research into this shocking incident.


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