Wife of ND Tiwari’s son Rohit Shekhar is the prime suspect in murder : Reports

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Delhi police have taken Rohit Shekhar Tiwari’s wife and two house helps into custody for questioning on Sunday. According to the sources, the police are looking at Apoorva as the prime suspect in the murder case as per the reports.

The police registered a case of murder into the death of Rohit Shekhar, the son of former UP chief minister ND Tiwari. However, the case was registered on Thursday hours after his autopsy report stated that he was strangled. Now the case has been transferred to the crime branch for investigation.

As per reports, the crime branch had questioned Apoorva for more than eight hour on Saturday at Rohit Shekhar’s residence.

“Apoorva’s family wanted to take control of the properties of my both sons- Siddharth and Rohit- because this house is nearer to the Supreme Court where Apoorva was practising law,” said Rohit Shekhar’s mother, Ujwala.

She also said that Rohit Shekhar and Apoorva had met in Lucknow through a matrimonial website in 2017, and not in the Supreme Court Complex. Further she said, “They were seeing each other for a year and took a break in between. Rohit Shekhar maintained some distance from her and said he did not want to marry her. They were not in touch from January to March, 2018. But on April 2 they came to me and expressed their wish to marry each other.”

Giving more details she said, “They also discussed mutual divorce many a time and later decided to go for the same in June. Also, my elder son Siddharth expressed his wish to give a share of property to Rajiv’s son Kartik Raj but Apoorva expressed her displeasure over it.”

Rohit Shekhar died on April 16 under mysterious circumstances.

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