How was 12-yr-old boy in Dehradun boarding school killed? Read gory details inside

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Gory revelations have come to light in the murder of a 12-yr-old student in a boarding school which came to light in Dehradun in March. An investigative report published in the revealed that the Class VII student was beaten up brutally throughout the day which led to his death by the evening on the fateful day of March 10.

What had happened

The victim was allegedly made to wrap his arms and legs around a pipe and was thrashed by a bat and stumps by two of his seniors.
He was stripped naked and drenched in cold water.
His mouth was then stuffed with ‘Kurkure’ and biscuits, shoved down the throat with the help of a bucket full of filthy water from the toilet.
The minor’s roommate, who was at the terrace and is now an eyewitness in the case, told the police that when the kid asked for water, the duo dragged him to the tank on the terrace. He was made to drink unused filthy water stored in a water tank.
The two senior students, Shubhankar (19) and Laxman (19) , then allegedly dragged him down to the dining hall and made him eat rajma chawal.
“The eyewitness stated that the minor was completely exhausted and was unable to walk. He requested the duo to leave him, give him some rest, but they did not listen,” the police said.
According to the eyewitness account and statement of the two accused, the two seniors stripped the minor naked, and again thrashed him on his hip.
“We also made him take a bath and have rajma chawal in the dining hall, before we dragged him to the terrace again,” said the statement of the accused.
In their statement, the duo admitted to having put the minor’s face inside the bucket till he started gasping for breath.
“The two seniors threatened the minor of dire consequences asking him to not complain about them and made him sit in the dining area. They cleaned his face, adjusted his clothes and made him sit in a corner seat,” the investigating officer told ThePrint.
When the hostel warden on duty, Ajay, came to check if the students were studying, he saw the minor sitting in a corner with his head down.
“As soon as the minor got up, he vomited and then fainted,” the officer said.

The victim’s so-called mistake

He had allegedly tried to steal a pack of biscuits from a grocery store next to the school and after the shopkeeper complained about the same to the authorities, a planned Sunday outing for all students was cancelled as a punishment.
The two accused — one from Punjab and the other from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh — are children of leprosy patients.

The child’s father

The victim’s father is a leper who stays in a leprosy ashram in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. He alleged that the school authorities got some paper signed from him, while the school authorities say that he was informed about his son’s death but he said that they could bury him there as he could not afford to take him.

The school

The Children Home Academy, where the incident happened, is a missionary school started in 1974 under a non-profit called Children’s Home Society. It has over 400 students — both hostelers and day scholars.
While the hostelers are only those children whose parents stay in leprosy ashrams across the country, the day scholars are children from the surrounding villages.
The academy claims to provide free education, shelter and food to children staying in the hostels — both girls and boys, and charges a minimal fee from the day scholars.


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