73-year-old woman dies while participating in Yoga Day celebration

woman dies performing Yoga

The Hush Post:  Here is a woman who died while performing Yoga. The incident happened yesterday during the international Yoga day when a 73-year-old woman died during the International Yoga Day celebrations at Forest Research Institute (FRI) in Dehradun.

Sudha Mishra suddenly fell unconscious at the venue. At first, people thought she is in Samadhi or dhyan. But later, realising she had collapsed, she was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where she died during the treatment.

Superintendent of Police Pradeep Rai said, “Medical camps and ambulances were already at the site. The Police immediately took her to the hospital where she died. Only doctor can ascertain the reason behind her death.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi led over 50,000 volunteers
to grace the fourth International Yoga Day celebrations in Dehradun.

In his speech at Forest Research Institute, the PM said, “People across the country are welcoming the sun.”

From Dehradun to Dublin, there’s only Yoga.” Indians should be proud of their traditions and only then will the world be proud of them, the Prime Minister said before performing yoga aasanas along with thousands of volunteers at the venue.

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