Drunk doctor mistakes police station with hotel, abuses policemen

The Hush Post|04:29 pm| one-min-read

A drunk doctor working at Srinagar Garhwal Medical College created a mess at a police station. He entered the premises of police station thinking that it was the hotel he was staying in and created a mess.

Police said that the doctor created a lot of drama as he misbehaved with the staff using abusive language. However, the police seized his SUV and registered a case against him. But this led to more trouble for policemen as the doctor refused to leave the place without his car.

“Looking for his room, the doctor entered the police station. When we told him that it was police station and not his room, he started abusing with the staff on duty. After that, we registered a case and seized his SUV. But he sat there whole night demanding for his to be released without any legal action.”, said NS Bisht, SHO of Kotwali Srinagar.

Medical college principal Chandra Mohan Rawat confirmed the matter. He said that he would take appropriate action against the doctor once he is back in town. Furthermore, he said that he will set up a committee to investigate the matter.

It may be noted that the same doctor was caught for drunk driving last year also.


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