Man brutally kills wife by slitting her throat in Dehradun


The hearing and speech impaired youth found his mother lying in a pool of blood, video-called his aunt and showed her the scary scenes.

 The Hush Post: A 42-year-old debt-ridden man from Dehradun allegedly murdered his 38-year-old wife by slitting her throat. According to the police, the accused was arrested after his speech and hearing impaired elder son video-called his aunt and showed her the horrible scene at his house.

As per the reports, the accused confessed that he had killed his wife as he was under the pressure of increasing debts and constant harassment by money-lenders.

For the past 15 years, the accused, identified as Jai Prakash Yadav was living with his family which included his wife Prem Lata and two sons -Tarun, 19 and Nikhil 17 in the Lakhibag area of Dehradun.

According to the station house officer (SHO) of Kotwali police station, who is differently-abled, played a crucial role in the arrest of his father.

“At the time of the incident, Tarun was present at the house along with his father and mother. He was inside the room of the house while Yadav and his wife Prem Lata were in another. Both had a heated argument over some issue, when Yadav brought a kitchen knife and slit her throat,” the SHO was quoted as saying in the report. He added Yadav had thought that his differently-abled son won’t be able to narrate the incident to anyone.

After killing his wife, he changed his clothes and washed the knife before putting it back in the kitchen. He then left the house and went back to work.

“Yadav was wrong about his son and rather under-estimated him. After some time, when Tarun came out of his room, he found his mother lying in a pool of blood. He was not able to think about what to do but then video-called his maternal aunt and showed her the scary scenes. Her aunt, in turn, informed the police,” the SHO was quoted.

“Tarun also video-called his younger brother Nikhil. He also called his neighbours using gestures.”

During the investigation, Tarun told police that there was no outsider in the house but only his father, who had come at around 1 pm.

“Based on his information, police rounded up Yadav, who broke down during questioning and confessed to the murder. He told police that he was tense due to his wife’s rising debts and constant nagging by her lenders who used to ask him to repay the loan,” the SHO said.

The cop was further quoted as saying: “Yadav asked his wife about her debts many times but to no avail. On Saturday, he again inquired about her monetary transactions which eventually turned into a heated argument followed by her murder. A case has been registered and investigations are on.”



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