Elite Mussoorie boarding school girls run away saying,‘No doors in bathing area, only curtains, sexually abused as part of ragging’

The Hush Post: A few sexually abused students of a premier girls’ boarding school in Mussoorie have complained to the Uttarakhand Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The Commission in turn has written to police officials and the state Education Department to look into serious allegations of sexual abuse in the garb of being ragged, which in itself is an offence. The Commission has asked the concerned departments to submit a report within 15 days.

According to a news report published in a national daily, the matter pertains to May 6 when four girls, who were new entrants to the school, ran away from the school alleging exploitation by other students.

They complained to their guardians that there were “no doors in the bathing area of the school, only curtains, and they were molested and raped during ragging”.

The local guardian of one of the girls approached the Uttarakhand Commission for Protection of Child Rights. He also brought to the notice of the commission that “due to the trauma afflicted on them, one of the girls was even contemplating suicide and had also written a suicide letter.”

“The girl has written in her diary the ordeal she faced at the school. We have the diary and recordings of the conversations that we had with the school authorities regarding the matter which we will give to the investigating officials in case they require it. All the girls have been sent back home without any suspension letter. Parents and children cannot be left hanging like this and immediate action is warranted in the matter,” the complainant said.

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