Value-addition to your daily chappati; READ HOW

The Hush Post|11:48am| 2-min-read
We all like to have our food nutritious and healthy. But if you say a chappati could be your daily dose of nutrition, it could be an exaggeration. Wait, till you read these methods of value addition to your normal wheat flour, which will make you junk your on-the-shelve breads.

  • Add safed til ( sesame seeds) and flax seeds (alsi) to the flour when you prepare to knead, you can also roast and grind them a little. But, raw form will also do. When you grind them, you need to use them as soon as possible.
  • Mix jowar atta, bajra atta, jaw ka atta, soyabean atta, in little amounts to your regular flour at the time of kneading. The muti-grain atta that you get from the market has very little doses of these supplementary flours. But when you add them yourself at home, you know how much of it you are using. Remember, jowar and bajra flour should be eaten only in winters.
  • In winters, you have plenty of methi and spinach leaves available. Soya, bithu, lasun leaves can also be added. Wash them nicely twice so that all the mud and unnecessary particles get washed way. Cut thin leaves and add them to the wheat flour when you knead it.
  • If your child is a fussy eater and doesn’t relish pulses, Knead the boiled pulses in the flour instead.
  • Once in a while, add ajwain, methi ,jeera powder ( coarsely grinded) to the flour before kneading.
  • Grate amlas in winter and add it to the flour, don’t add too much of it otherwise the roti will turn black. It might not look good, but would be a health potion.
  • In between, on some days keep the chappati plain, without any extra addition.


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