Visit to nani’s house on N-E poll results day has Rahul Gandhi facing twitterati’s ire

The Hush Post: A visit to his grandmother in Italy on the Holi weekend when results to North-Eastern states were to be announced a day later, has cost Congress President dearly. He has been trolled on twitter incessantly for being away to visit his maternal grandmother when his party has suffered a major drubbing in the North Eastern states.

Apart from BJP president Amit Shah who took a dig at Rahul Gandhi, saying “Italy mein chunao bhi toh hai (Italy is holding elections too),the twitterati too has bashed him for being away.

Some of the tweets read:

Rahul Gandhi is a smart chap. He anticipated a humiliating defeat for his party yet again, so made an early exit to Nani’s House. #bhagodaRahul

This Isn’t The First Time. Every Time Congress Loses Elections Or Is In Some Trouble, Rahul Gandhi Flees. If You Consider Yourself A Leader Own Up And Take The Responsibility Of Loss, Else QuitWhile his party faces yet another resounding defeat, the Gandhi scion is already holidaying at an undisclosed location, leaving his minions to take the bullet for yet another loss.

The biggest achievement of Rahul Gandhi is that he led the fall of the grand old party and yet found enough time to holiday. Some astute Work-Life Balance.

Rahul Gandhi had declared on Twitter on Thursday, “My Nani is 93. She’s the kindest soul ever. This Holi weekend I’m going to surprise her! I can’t wait to give her a hug….,” Rahul had tweeted.
The BJP has demolished the Manik Sarkar-led CPM government in Tripura and pulling ahead in Nagaland with its new ally, while Meghalaya has voted indecisively giving a hung Assembly, where too the BJP might manoeuvre a way out.
Rahul Gandhi had celebrated his 47th birthday on June 19 with his grandmother in Italy last year.


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