Warn your children about the skull-breaker challenge| It is life threatening |WATCH VIDEO


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Have you heard of the skull-breaker challenge. If you haven’t, warn your children not to fall prey to it. It can be life-threatening.

A new social media trend called the Skull-breaker challenge has raised concern everywhere. The dangerous challenge, circulating on video-sharing social media app TikTok, involves two people jumping in the air encouraging the third one in the middle to do the same. Just as the third person jumps, the other two kick on the person’s legs, making the jumper fall. The jumper falls and in most cases injures the back or the skull bone.

This has led to serious injuries among many teenagers. The goal of the bizarre challenge is to make the person in the middle fall on his or her back, hence the name.

This fall can cause serious injuries, and as the name suggests, can cause severe head injuries.

Many, especially teenagers, have fallen prey to this new trend and several have been injured. Parents of young adults are especially very worried after reports of injuries.

Concerned people on social media shared videos of the challenge cautioning everyone against the harmful trend.

In one of the videos, a victim seems to have lost consciousness after the fall. A Twitter user shared the video.

Many teenagers are hospitalised with serious injuries

This is not the first time an online trend has caused concerns. Social media is infamous for such life-threatening stunts such as the cinnamon challenge and the very famous Kiki challenge, which involved getting out of a moving car and dancing along it to rapper Drake’s song “In my feelings”.

The problematic trend, also called the “tripping jump challenge” has reportedly injured many especially in the US and Europe. In India also the trend has caught up.

News reports quoting experts and doctors claim the fall can break every bone in the body apart from concussions.

Parents getting WhatsApp forwards of the challenge are worried sick as they are scared their kids might fall prey to the trend and injure themselves.

“My daughter goes to school and I am concerned that her friends might prank her. I don’t want her to get hurt. I hope this doesn’t become a trend in our city,” says a worried Kolkata-based mother.


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