WATCH VIDEO: Cops harass teen molestation victim who wanted to lodge a complaint, Priyanka Gandhi shares video

The Hush Post | 8:03 pm | One-minute read |

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has shared a video on Twitter wherein policemen are seen harassing a 16-year-old girl who wanted to lodge a molestation complaint in Kanpur. The constable seen ‘questioning’ the girl in the video has been removed. The girl’s brother had accompanied his parents to the police station where he recorded the video.

Constable Tar Babu, who had refused to file an FIR, can be seen using insinuating language as he talks to the victim. “Tum ye anguthi kyun pehanti ho? Kyun tumne chuda aur necklace pehna hai? Itne item kisliye pehne hue hain? Tum padhti nahi ho… Itne zewar pehanti ho… kyun? Inse kya labh milta hai? Isse sirf ye pata chalta hai kit um kya ho…” Tar Babu can be heard as saying.

When the parent’s of the victim, both daily-wage labourers, try to intervene, the constable rebukes them too. He says, “Don’t you see what the girl does? You say you go to work, but don’t you return home?”

The Kanpur police have lodged a FIR after the video went viral on social media. People vented out their anger against the Uttar Pradesh Police. Priyanka Gandhi was one of them.  She wrote, “On one hand crime against women is on the rise in Uttar Pradesh and on the other hand policemen behave like this”.


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