WATCH VIDEO: Cycle rams into a car, damages it badly

The Hush Post | 8:07 pm | One-minute read

A bizarre accident has been reported from China.  It might seem unbelievable, but a cycle actually rammed into a car and damaged it badly.  The pictures of this crash have gone viral on the social media. Everybody wants to know what on earth the cycle is made of. Chinese news channel CGTN has uploaded a video of the accident on YouTube, sending everyone into a tizzy.

The police too have claimed that the video is not a fake. The pictures have not been tampered with, they said. The pictures show that the cycle hit the car and badly damaged its bumper.  At the same time, the cycle hasn’t suffered any damage. The incident took place in China’s Shenzen city.

Nobody was seriously injured in the accident, and the cyclist escaped with some minor injuries.

The pictures have drawn some hilarious comments from social media users, with some even comparing it to Nokia’s vintage phones, asking if the company has started manufacturing bicycles. Some even have demanded the cycle for themselves.

In India, some social media users jokingly claimed that the car is made in China while the cycle is made in India.


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