WATCH VIDEO: Gadkari comes to Kejriwal’s rescue as BJP workers mock his coughing

The Hush Post | 8:46 pm | One-minute read

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is generally in news for his work, but this time around he has earned accolades for his statesmanship.  Gadkari was in Delhi for a government function and shared the stage with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The program was related to the cleansing of the river Yamuna.

As soon as Kejriwal took to the dais and started his speech, some BJP workers present at the event started hooting. The trollers also started, coughing in chorus. Kejriwal even requested the BJP workers to keep quiet, but to no avail.

Nitin Gadkari then intervened and asked the BJP workers to abstain from hooting. Gadkari  said, “Aap shuru kariye, zara shant rahiye please, yeh sarakri karyakram hai (you continue, you people please keep quite, this is a government function)”. Union minister Harshwardhan was also present during the function.

It is to be noted that Kejriwal was suffering from persistent cough during 2016 following which some started mocking his ailment.  What is even more interesting that at one point of time Kejriwal and Gadkari didn’t go along well together. The Delhi CM had termed Gadkari a corrupt leader and Gadkari had filed a defamation case against him. Kerjwal had then apologized to Gadkari, who in turn withdrew the case.


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