WATCH VIDEO: You will simply love this Grandma’s reaction to England cricket World Cup victory

The Hush Post | 7:39 pm | One-minute read |

For the first time in history England became the world cricket champions. English fans are still celebrating the cricket world cup victory. Many such videos have cropped up on the social media wherein the English are sharing their reactions.

In the meantime, one such video of an old lady has gone viral on the social media. The woman can be seen enjoying the victory and celebrating it. The woman hails from West Sussex in England and is watching the cricket World Cup final match on television. Her reaction has taken the internet by storm.

As soon as team England won the nail-biting cricket World Cup final, the woman jumps in joys. “Have we won? I don’t doubt. I think we’ve won,” the granny can be heard as saying. She is so happy that she even breaks down after the victory.

The video was shared by Gwen, a Twitter user. “Please enjoy this video of my grandmas reaction to England winning cricket world cup,” he had tweeted.

“This is the best tweet by far I’ve seen about the Cricket World Cup win. Your Grandma is a legend!” said another user.


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