WATCH VIDEO: Imran Khan saw “hoors” in hosptial after doctors injected him

Imran Khan

The Hush Post | 8:03 pm | One-minute read |

Pakistan Prime Minster Imran Khan has landed himself into a fresh controversy. Imran Khan said on Tuesday that when he was admitted to a hospital, the nurses looked like “hoors” (deities) to him.

The Pak PM was addressing an event when he reflected upon a past incident. He narrated his ordeal of breaking bones, and casually said that after his pain was soothed the nurses appeared as “hoors”.

Imran Khan had got injured after his stage collapsed during a 2013 election campaign. The former Pakistan cricket captain said that after a doctor administered him an injection, the nurses appeared “hoors” to him.

“When I landed up at Shaukat Khanum Hospital after I fell from the stage during a 2013 election campaign, I was in deep pain due to the injuries I sustained. But when Dr Asim gave me the injection, all my pain was gone. It enabled me to make a speech as well and the nurses looked like “hoors” at that time,” he said amid a loud cackle in the audience.

Continuing his banter, Khan said that soon after the injection was pushed into his body, he thought all his problems magically vanished, and so did his “memory”. “I didn’t even remember what I said. But when the injection’s effect went, my pain was back,” he said.

And if that was not enough, the Pakistan PM, then, urged the doctors and the nurses at the hospital to give him re-administer that injection. He also “threatened” them with consequences for not doing his bidding. However, the doctors refused.


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