WATCH VIDEO: Karnataka farmer develops machine which climbs trees, Anand Mahindra shows interest

The Hush Post | 8:16 pm | One-minute read |

A farmer in Karnataka has developed a machine which can help climb trees. The machine has become an instant hit with business tycoon Anand Mahindra taking cognizance of the engineering brilliance.

Ganpathi Bhat, a farmer from Sajipamooda village has developed the machine which helps in climbing arecanut tree. The machine, which Bhat describes as ‘simple innovation’ helps a climber weighing 60 to 80kg to climb up to 80 trees using a litre of petrol.

Bhat has given priority to safety while developing the machine.

Showing interest in the machine, Anand Mahindra has asked the president of the farm equipment sector of Mahindra & Mahindra limited to closely follow Bhat’s innovation.

“How cool is this? The device not only seems effective & does the job, but also looks elegantly designed with a minimum of weight. @rajesh664 can your team look at this more closely & see whether we can market Mr. Bhat’s device as part of our Farm solutions portfolio?” tweeted Anand Mahindra.

Responding to a twitter user’s concern about other competitors approaching Ganpathi  ahead of M&M business group, Mahindra said, “Yes because the more people that contact him the better the deal that he will get. Which is more important for encouraging other entrepreneurs like him.”

Notably, it has always been a herculean task for the farmers to climb coconut and arecanut tress. Ganpathi Bhat’s innovation is slated to help such farmers who have to daily climb the trees to earn a livelihood. Farmers can now climb the trees within 30 seconds while it used to take 8 minutes manually.

Ganpathi’s daughter Supriya says his innovation is extremely beneficial for farmers, “I couldn’t climb the trees, but with the help of this machine I am able to climb arecanut and coconut trees easily.”


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