WATCH VIDEO: Pak minister gets an electric shock as soon he utters Modi’s name

The Hush Post | 4:19 pm | One-minute read |

Pakistan is trying its every best to corner India on the International stage after the BJP government abrogated the special status accorded to Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had on Thursday urged the nation to stand for 30 minutes in solidarity with the Kashmiris on Fridday.

As asked, people across the country came out of their homes, offices, businesses. During one such demonstration Pakistan Rail Minister Sheikh Rasheed was addressing the crowd, rabble-rousing it and calling PM Modi names.

While Rasheed was doing so, he received an electric shock emanating from the mic.  This sent the crowd into laughter. Rasheed, in a lighter vein, then said, “Modi is jalse ko kharab nahi kar paega”. The video was captured by someone among the crowd and has gone viral on social media.

Earlier, Rasheed  had ‘predicted’ that India and Pakistan will go to war in the months of October and November.


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