WATCH VIDEO: Indian family steals all it could from a Bali hotel; gets caught and humiliated

The Hush Post | 7:49 pm | One-minute read |

In a shameful incident, an Indian family on vacation in Bali stole all the things it could from the hotel room they were staying in. The family members didn’t even spare hangers and blow dryers.

A video is doing rounds on the social media which shows the hotel staff confronting them. The hotel manager opens up all the bags to check the things that were stolen. The video shows the manager threatening to call the cops on them.

The woman in the video pleads with the manager and offers to pay for the items stolen. Her husband also joins in and says, “We will pay.” The hotel manager responds by saying, ‘It’s not about money. I know you have a lot of money. This is about respect.”

The angry hotel staff is visibly disgusted by the Indian family’s behavior.  The video has since gone viral online and many people have expressed anger over the family’s shameful act.

Social media users vented out their anger at the family. One user wrote, “’They took hanger also, check all the bags they must have taken TV also, this is the reason people don’t respect us when we go outside country. And look how that is talking, if he has so much money he could have bought from market why steal. I  am sure hotel people must have made them pay huge amount, they will remember their Bali trip rest of their life.’

Another wrote, ‘I am an Indian and I’m ashamed of these people. Kindly put them behind bars. Bringing shame to the whole country.’


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