WATCH VIDEO of newly married woman wearing chooda & snorting “chitta.” it’s akin to terrorism with a different face

Newly married woman taking “chitta” at a police station in Punjab
A grab from the video shows a newly married woman snorting chitta.

The 2-minute 1-second long video brings to the fore the drug menace in the state, so much so that even women have become victims of drug addiction

The Hush Post: Punjab suffered terrorism for close to a decade. it’s been 25 years since terrorism has been wiped out. But another terror is in the midst of us all. It is staring us in the face. It has invaded our houses, schools, colleges, universities. It has sneaked into the air, into our system, in our blood sadly.

A woman from Ludhiana recently came into the open saying that she was introduced into drugs by a policeman. That policeman happened to be a DSP who has since been dismissed and arrested. He was none other than an international hockey player once who played for India — Daljit Singh Dhillon.

Now, another shocking video has come to the fore, of a woman snorting drug, probably what in Punjab is called Chitta. The video has gone viral with over one lakh views in about two months. This video is metaphoric of the situation in Punjab. Typically shown in the film Udta Punjab.

The video has gone viral which shows a newly married woman snorting ‘chitta’ (a synthetic drug) in a room.

The 2-minute 1-second long video shows a young woman, wearing chooda (wedding bangles) on her wrists, can be seen sitting front of a lighted candle and snorting ‘chitta’ by putting it on a foil paper, as per a report in News 18 news channel.

“Chitta” refers to synthetically produced drug that includes heroin and more specifically ecstasy, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide ) and methamphetamines. While traditionally “chitta” has referred to just heroin, the entry of new synthetic drugs has made the definition broad based, the report said.

In the video, a man‘s can voice can be heard from the background (the man is not seen in the video) and he is telling someone that he has to go and conduct a raid: “Main Jalandhar raid karan ja reha han… (I’m going to Jalandhar to conduct a raid),” the male voice is heard in the video. Does this male voice suggest that the woman was taking drugs in the presence of a cop ? The clip also has a candle placed on a black coloured iron box which is similar to the iron boxes.

Notably, recently a case of Ferozepur DSP pushing a woman into drug addiction had come to light bringing a bad name for the Punjab police. Now with such a video getting viral on social media, again raises a question mark on Punjab police and what it is doing to ensure that the state becomes free of drug-addiction. With recent incidents like that of a Ludhiana girl openly saying that a cop pushed him into drugs and now this video spells alarm bells for the state.


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