2nd year student murdered after being dragged out of bus

The Hush Post: In a daring daylight incident a second year student was done to death after being dragged out of a bus while he was going to take an exam in Hyderabad on Monday, FE Online reported on Tuesday.

The deceased youth was dragged out of a running bus and was killed with a machete near the Kukatpally traffic police station. Four neighbours of the victim allegedly attacked him  and police smell a personal enmity between them as the cause of murder.

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The suspects reportedly ran away from the spot after killing the youth but one of them was caught by traffic police and is currently in police custody, FE reported.

The attackers have been identified as B Naveen, E Krishna, Korre Teja and Jilla Mahesh, all of whom are aged between 20 and 22 years. An FIR has been registered under sections 302 of the IPC and the Arms Act.

One of victim’s friends, while speaking to The Hindu newspaper, said that the traffic cops who tried to intervene on the attack were scared away by the alleged weapon-wielding killers. “When the police tried to stop the attackers, they scared them with the weapons,” he reportedly said.



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