Now students of West Bengal can choose “Humanity” as religion on college forms

The Hush Post | 5:15 pm | One-minute read

Around 50 colleges in West Bengal have added “humanity”, “agnostic”, “secular” and “non-religious” options in the religion column of online admission forms of students.

This decision was taken as after many applicants of different courses and degrees started questioning the need to disclose their religion. An official from Bethune College said that this will allow the applicants to keep their religious beliefs private.

“We found that many of the applicants had been identifying themselves as a non-believer in the option where they were supposed to mention the religion. Following this, the college authority decided to provide “humanity” as a choice to applicants,” said an official involved in the admission process of a college.

Also, some other colleges in the state have also provided options like “agnostic”, “secular” and “non-religious” to the students. Some colleges that have adopted “humanity” as an option are Maulana Azad College, Rammohan College, and Maharaja Srischandra College.

However, some academicians have suggested using “humanism” instead of “humanity”.

A student appreciated the move and considered it as a progressive step. She said that though she is Hindu by birth, but had never liked to disclose her religion.


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