Bengal Forest ranger captures python but not before a scare; WATCH VIDEO

Bengal ranger catches python

The Hush Post: A display of bravado gone awry. A forest ranger was called to catch hold of a snake, in fact, a python.

He was by villagers to catch hold a rock python which had killed a goat. The ranger and his assistants rushed to the village in Jalpaiguri 610 km from Kolkata and collared the 18-foot snake that weighed about 80 kg.
One of the rangers came and got hold of the python.

Then he swung it around his neck. At this, villagers started clicking selfies with the ranger who had the big snake on his shoulders.

While the ranger held the snake’s neck with one hand, the snake started wriggling and loosed itself from the other end.

Soon, the ranger was in a problem.

With the situation getting out of hand, the forest ranger’s bravado starting fading and he started walking away from the crowds and people running as the snake started to choke the ranger. It coiled his throat from the back.
Then a man in blue, forest department employee tried to take charge and rescues the forest ranger.
The ranger can be heard telling his assistant in a frightening voice, “hold the tail, hold the tail” and then “it’s ok, it’s all ok.”

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