Kolkata family does an Ashutosh Maharaj: Husband, son lived peacefully at home as woman’s body kept in freezer for 2 years

The neighbours, who knew about the woman’s death, wondered why knew the family wasn’t performing her cremation

The Hush Post: In a case that reminds us of Ashutosh Maharaj of Noormahal, a family in South Kolkata preserved the body of an elderly woman in a freezer for two years since her death and lived peacefully in their home.

The shocking case was reported by the NDTV on Thursday. It was reported that an elderly woman had died in Behala locality of South Kolkata two years ago. But the family did not cremate her body. Rather her son preserved the body of the deceased in a commercial freezer. The son and the husband of the deceased woman were living with the body preserved in the freezer in their home till the police found it out.

The police said that they have to find the motive behind this strange act of the family.

The woman had been living with her husband and son in Behala area. The neighbours, who knew about the woman’s death, were wondering that why the family wasn’t cremating her body.

“She was suffering from some illness… don’t know the details. The family didn’t socialise much. The man most probably worked in a big firm. The father would sometimes talk to us. But the son never spoke with anyone in the neighbourhood. When we asked the family about her funeral, they said her ‘body is in heavens,” a neighbour Amal Kanti Guha was quoted by the NDTV as saying.

The deceased woman’s body was retrieved by the police on Wednesday and taken for an investigation.

Notably, recently, in another incident a badly decomposed body of another 70-year-old woman was recovered from a freezer in her house after neighbours reported that her son was living with his mother’s body for days without cremating her body, police reportedly said.

Besides, the case of Ashutosh Maharaj of Noormahal, these two incidents have brought back the memory of Robinson Street of central Kolkata, where a man had lived with the skeletons of his sister and two pet dogs for months, while his father’s charred body was found from a bathroom.

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