Magician drowns in Ganga after khatron ka khiladi-type stunt goes wrong

The Hush Post|4:25pm| 1-min-read
A Kolkata magician Chanchal Lahiri reportedly drowned in the Ganga on Sunday while trying to perform an underwater live stunt.
According to a PTI news report, eye witnesses saw Lahiri go inside the river.
For the stunt, he had to be blindfolded, his hands and legs were also to be tied up. A crane would lower him into the river. He was to be picked up in that position from the boat by a crane, stationed on the Howrah Bridge. The magic was that he would come up from water, by untying himself on his own.
Accordingly, he went to the middle of the river just underneath the bridge from where he was picked up by the crane and thrown into the river near pillar number 28 of the bridge.
After ten minutes, when he did not come up, spectators panicked and called the police. The police along with Disaster Management Group reached the spot and started searching for him.
“We tried to spot him. But it seems the stream has swept him away. Because of darkness, we had to temporarily stop our search operation on Sunday evening,” a senior police officer said.

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