Two nursing students arrested for killing puppies; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post|12:00| 2-min-read
In a recent video on social media, two women were seen mercilessly beating puppies to death. The two women have been found to be nursing students studying in a state-run medical college and hospital in Kolkata. They have been arrested after a marathon interrogation, police said.
Two nursing students, Moutushi Mondal of the first year and Shoma Burman of second year, study in Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.
A police officer said that the duo were taken into custody at Entally police station. They broke down during police interrogation and “admitted their role in killing the puppies”.

They told the police that they were fed up with the puppies which did not allow them to go out of the hostel and moved too close to their feet.
The video was shot by the students of Dr R. Ahmed Dental College and Hospital who live in the opposite building.
Hospital garbage bags containing 16 dead puppies and a dog with signs of severe torture had been recovered near the NRS medical college on Sunday. The role of the two women is being probed in this matter as well.
A hospital employee who had first noticed the puppies in the dump yard on Sunday said one of the dogs had made desperate sounds and was found tied in three garbage bags used in hospitals.
Various animal rights bodies had demonstrated before the Entally police station. They had broken a police vehicle and attacked police personnel.

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