Retired IPS officer commits suicide in West Bengal; blames Mamta Banerjee for his death

The Hush Post| 7:25 pm |one-minute-read

A retired IPS officer committed suicide earlier this week in West Bengal. Surprisingly, he blamed Chief Minister of the state Mamta Banerjee for his death in the suicide note.

As the reports stated, Gaurav Dutt, a 1986 batch IPS officer was found with a slit wrist at his home this Tuesday, on February 19. In his suicide note, he had written, “CM is directly responsible for my actions in the form of abetment.”

He had taken voluntary retirement last year. Also, his father, Gopal Dutt, was a security officer of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Dutta accused Mamta Banerjee in his suicide note. He wrote, “CM refuses to close my two pending proceeding cases. WB government has lost one file. In second case, no corruption charge could be confirmed. Even DG requested CM but she refused to close cases.”

Further it was written, “Present CM of West Bengal has victimised me for 10 long years. She demoralised me due to her single-minded vendetta against me for reasons well known to her.” Alleging CM in his note he wrote that she (Mamta Banerjee) had blocked his honest hard earned savings. The government will be bound to release the same after this step of him.

As the suicide note stated, the retired IPS officer had taken this step to highlight the issues of genuine officers in the state. Moreover, he added that Mamta Banerjee has a strong inhuman quality to use and discard IPS officers. Dutta wrote, “If one can’t live with honour it is better to die with honour.”

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