What happens when you type ‘Thanos’ on google?, Read details inside

The Hush Post | 9:45 pm | One-minute read

After a long wait, Avengers Endgame has finally released and is getting positive review from the audience. Not only from the audience, but from critics as well. The fans are much excited to see their favourite super heroes fighting against the super villain Thanos.

There have been a lot of promotional activities carried out for the movie. The latest one is the customised page for google search of Thanos. The magic starts after you type Thanos in the google search bar.

So once you are done with typing Thanos in the search bar, the super villain’s infinity stone studded gauntlet will appear on the right. Simply click on it and google will proceed with animation of the gauntlet snapping its fingers. After that, you’ll see all the search results disappearing one by one, just the way it happened with the all the super heroes in the last part, Avengers Infinity War. You can also reverse all the things which disappear by clicking on the gauntlet again. But some users point out that this trick is working on selected browsers only. One of them is Google Chrome.

Avengers Endgame opens in theatres on Friday, April 26. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is bidding farewell to its set of Avengers which is quite emotional ride for the fans.


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