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poo and pee

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When do you poo and pee? Your office wants to know. A leisure office poo and pee break could be a thing of the past now.

Thanks to a new toilet seat that developers say will make people want to leave the loo after five minutes. “When you sit on the seat it is like a half squat,” an expert says.

The reason for this was a series of annoyances. As a consulting engineer for 40 years, the toilet designer who discovered that workers were asleep on the toilet seats. The increasing queues at the public toilets too inspired him. The final straw came while he was shopping in a department store the morning after a particularly heavy night out, and in desperate need for a toilet, could only find locked cubicles. Thus, the idea for the StandardToilets with 13 degress forward tilt was born.

The ‘StandardToilet’, created by a start-up company of the same name, has been backed by the British Toilet Association (BTA). BTA is a group that campaigns for better bathroom facilities in offices and public spaces.

The seat has a forward slope of about 13 degrees. This increases strain on the legs. This is similar to a gentle squat thrust, according to developer Mahabir Gill from StandardToilet.

The Staffordshire based company says it has already had interest from local councils and motorway service stations for the £150 – £500 toilet.


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