“Will chop off your tongues”, threatens Andhra cop to leaders who spoke against police

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The Hush Post: An Andhra Pradesh policeman has created a stir with his threatening statement. He reportedly said that he will chop off the tongues of political leaders who speak against the police force.

An inspector said so reacting to a TDP MP’s allegations that police fled from a group clash scene like eunuchs. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP hit back at the policeman by lodging a complaint, a report said.

“We have so far observed restraint. Henceforth, if anybody talks against the police beyond the limits, we will not tolerate. We will cut their tongues. Be careful,” an inspector Madhav said this while addressing a press conference on Friday. Inspector Madhav is posted in Kadiri in Anantapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh.

Reacting promptly, TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy dared the cop to tell him where he should come to get his tongue cut. Reddy later filed a complaint against the inspector. Till now, the police have not lodged an FIR in this connection.

The policeman said so reacting to a TDP MP’s allegations that police fled from a group clash scene like eunuchs

The verbal duel came in the backdrop of a group clash at a village near Tadipatri earlier this week. Reddy had alleged that the cops fled the scene like eunuchs, unable to bring the situation under control.

The senior police officers were mum over the heated exchange of words. Reddy said he would draw the attention of the government seeking necessary action against the inspector.

Reddy reportedly said even he had to run away to protect himself “as the police started fleeing”. “In that respect, I too behaved like a eunuch”, the TDP MP said. Reddy is notorious for making controversial statements.

Later, Reddy gave a complaint to the police in Tadipatri against the inspector and challenging him openly, the report said.

“It’s a non-cognisable offence under Section 506 of IPC (criminal intimidation). We have referred the complaint to the district SP and are also seeking a legal opinion. We have so far not registered an FIR,” a Tadipatri police officer said.

Meanwhile reacting to Reddy’s remarks, inspector Madhav said they were unable to show their faces, even to their wives and children, due to political leaders’ remarks. “All parties MPs, MLAs, ex-MPs and ex-MLAs have been talking against the police, hurting our morale. We came into the police force as men and not eunuchs,” Madhav said.


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