Woman buys product from Amazon, tries to return it directly to CEO Jeff Bezos

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A woman brought a product from e-retail giant Amazon and, unsatisfied, tried to return it. However, despite repeated attempts she could not return the product. And then she directly approached the CEO Jeff Bezos and asked him to return the purchased item.

The incident took place on Wednesday during the annual conference of Amazon’s shareholders in Seattle. The CEO of the e-commerce giant, Jeff Bezos was also present at the event.

As Bezos was discussing issues like renewable energy use and equal pay a woman rose up and tried to return a purchase directly to the CEO.

Pertinently, the woman also happens to be a shareholder in Amazon. Reports say that the woman had tried to return the product at least four times, but in vain.

“Amazon shareholder attempts to return item at annual meeting, saying she had tried without luck four times,” a US journalist Todd Bishop tweeted on Wednesday.

Jeff Bezos was surprised to see the woman stand up and putting forth a demand. However, the CEO handled the situation with ease and satirical humour.

“My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a routine task. Anybody else have anything they need to return?” he was quoted by Bishop as saying.

Notably, customers generally call the customer care helpline to return products brought from Amazon.


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