Woman forced to sell hair to feed her children; social media comes to help

Woman forced to sell hair

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A woman in Tamil Nadu had to sell her hair for a mere Rs. 150 to feed her children. 31-year-old Prema is a daily wage labourer from Salem. He husband committed suicide seven months ago and she has been living hand-to-month since then.

Prema inherited a debt or Rs. 2.5 lakh from her husband, which he was cheated upon in the name of setting up a business. The amount kept piling up and it became very difficult for her to fend for her children.

“I couldn’t go to work as I fell sick for a week and my children were crying for food. I had no money. I begged my neighbours for help, but they refused to give either food or money,” News 18 quoted Prema as showing.

While she had no one to turn for aid, a man approached her with an offer. He asked her to sell her hair for wigs. Left with little choice, Prema agreed to part off with her hair.

“I had to sell my hair for Rs 150 in order to feed my starving children. I work for daily wages and the money will be sufficient for just a day’s meal for me and my children,” she said.

After selling her hair, Prema went into depression and even attempted suicide. Luckily, her sister saved her.


Then one fine day, Prahu, the owner of a brick kiln where she worked, posted her story on social media, and help poured in.

“When she narrated her whole story, I wanted to help her recover completely. I didn’t want to stop with just giving her money as it was a temporary solution. I wanted a permanent solution for her. My friend Bala and I decided to post her story on Facebook and urge people for help,” Prabhu told News 18.

Prabhu’s post garnered a massive response. Some people even offered to take care of education of Prema’s children while some were ready to help her set up a business.

The post worked magic and the Salem district administration too jumped in. The administration sanctioned a fund of Rs 25,000 for her and a ration card. Besides, she was assured a monthly pension for widows.

“God has finally heard my prayers,” said Prema, thanking all.


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